Books to Bucks

Books to Bucks: The Top 20 Ways to Make Money with Your Book (even if you haven’t written it yet)


Everyone wants a book, and the process of becoming an author is, in some ways, easier than ever. But how do you MAKE MONEY with your book? And how do you avoid the “writer’s garage,” with cases of your book cluttering your home or office?  Publishing experts and bestselling authors Everett O’Keefe and Jenn Foster collaborate to share 20 creative but proven methods to make money with your book. They include both online and offline methods to sell books, build your business or brand, and position you as an expert in your field.  Whether you are a first time writer or an established author, you will find actionable, real-world marketing and sales solutions in Books to Bucks. There is even a chapter on how to make money with your book before you have even written it!  Let Everett O’Keefe and Jenn Foster show you how to turn your book into bucks!

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