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by Author Jenny Schreiber

Welcome to the world of author Jenny Schreiber, an exciting author who creates engaging and educational children’s books. With a passion for animals and a love for books, Jenny has crafted a delightful series of books that introduce young readers to fascinating animal facts in a fun and accessible way. Through colorful illustrations and engaging narratives, children can learn about various animal species and their unique characteristics, behaviors, and habitats. From the depths of the ocean to the highest peaks of the mountains, Jenny’s books take children on a wild and wonderful adventure, sparking their curiosity and imagination. Join us as we explore the enchanting world of Jenny Schreiber’s animal-themed books and discover the magic of learning through the eyes of the animal kingdom.

Author Jenny Schreiber

Amazon International Bestselling Author – a number of Jenny’s Children’s Picture Books and easy readers have reached Bestseller status in multiple categories, in multiple countries!

Jenny Schreiber was born in Washington State and grew up in the mountains of Wyoming. She started writing in grade school and fell in love with creative writing in jr high and high school. Her love for books turned her to book publishing. She has published over 3000 books with her company, Elite Online Publishing, and has helped hundreds of authors become bestseller on Amazon as well as Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestseller lists.

Jenny is a mother of three amazing children. She has two dogs and one cat. She enjoys traveling, creating books and taking photographs.

Her children’s books are full of captivating pictures and include fun facts about animals, to hold children’s interest from start to finish. Enjoy all of Jenny’s new children’s books, coloring books and planners.

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Sparkle the Sun Bear: (Pre-reader)

Meet Sparkle the sun bear in this delightful pre-reader.
For Ages 3-8.
Kids love bears and in this book, they’ll be introduced to Sparkle the sun bear from 
Sometimes known as the 
Honey Bear.
Excellent full-color illustrations reveal details all about how sun bears live.

Perfect for beginning and young readers. Includes simple text and large, engaging illustrations on every page.

Freddy the Flamingo: (Pre-Reader)

Meet Freddy the Flamingoin this delightful pre-reader.
For Ages 3-8.

Kids love birds, and in this book, they’ll be introduced to Freddy the Flamingo from Florida.
Sometimes known as a 
Water Nymph.

Excellent full-color illustrations reveal details all about how flamingos live.

Perfect for beginning and young readers. Includes simple text and large, engaging illustrations on every page.

Piper the Polar Bear: (Pre-Reader) 

Introducing “Piper the Polar Bear”, the children’s pre-reader book that will teach your little ones all about the polar bear! This fun and engaging book follows Piper as you explore her icy world, learning about bears and her environment along the way.

Your kids will love reading about Piper in the frigid north. They’ll be fascinated by all the facts about polar bears that they’ll learn. From food to habitat, this book covers everything your kids need to know about these amazing animals.

So cuddle up with your little ones and get ready for a chilly adventure with “Piper the Polar Bear”!

Easy to Read – Early Learning – Pre-Reader

Chester the Fuzzy Chipmunk: (Easy Reader ages 3-8)

Chester the Fuzzy Chipmunk: (Easy Reader ages 3-8) 

Chester the Fuzzy Chipmunk lives in the forest with all his furry friends. He likes to sleep, talk, or chatter, and keeps busy gathering nuts, seeds, and flower buds.

This easy reader for kids ages 3-8 is perfect for preschoolers to first graders who are just learning how to read. The bright illustrations and simple text will keep your little one engaged. Learn fun facts about the chipmunk.

Perfect for beginning and young readers. Includes simple text and large, engaging illustrations on every page.

Paige the Panda Bear: (Easy Reader ages 3-8)

Paige the Panda Bear: (Easy Reader ages 3-8)

Meet Paige the Panda Bear. Learn all kinds of amazing facts about the panda bear. What she eats, where she lives, and how panda bears promote peace in the world. This easy reader is perfect for young children who are just starting to read and wants to learn about panda bears and the world around them. With colorful illustrations and simple, factual text, kids will have fun reading about Paige, as they discover interesting facts about pandas. This book is a great way for kids to expand their knowledge and curiosity about panda bears and the natural world.

Larry the Frilled-Neck Lizard: (Easy Reader ages 3-8)

Larry the Frilled-Neck Lizard: (Easy Reader ages 3-8)

G’day, mates! Join Larry the Frilled-Neck Lizard on an unforgettable adventure down under and explore Australia’s incredible wildlife. With this fun and educational children’s book, your little ones can discover fascinating facts about these unique animals as they join Larry in his bush odyssey where he shows off his amazing skills like blending into nature–all while running around on two legs! Bursting with captivating graphics and simple yet engaging text, don’t miss out on a chance to spark your kids’ love of learning through this exciting exploration with good old matey: Larry the Frilled-Neck Lizard!

Larry the Frilled-Neck Lizard: (Easy Reader ages 3-8)

Moe the Wooly Mammoth: Pre-Reader Level 1

Looking to venture back in time? Join “Moe the Wooly Mammoth” on his wild journey through pre-historic times! With a furry face full of character and an appetite for adventure, let this shaggy explorer be your guide as you learn about these ancient animals and discover what life was like for these long-gone creatures.

Did you know some scientists are on a mission to resurrect some of Earth’s long-lost creatures, like the majestic mammoth? Through de-extinction research, these incredible animals could once again roam our planet!

Larry the Frilled-Neck Lizard: (Easy Reader ages 3-8)

Ezara the Elephant: Fun and Fascinating Animal Facts about the Majestic Elephant, Beginner Reader

Looking for a fun and educational read for your child? Look no further than “Ezara the Elephant”.

This beginner reader is full of fascinating animal facts about one of the world’s most intriguing and majestic creatures. From Ezara’s enormous size to the incredible abilities of his trunk, children will be amazed at all the things that make elephants so special. Not only are they super smart and great communicators, but they also play games just like humans do! Did you know that elephants are important for helping forests stay healthy? Over 20 fascinating facts about elephantsVibrant colorful illustrations every child will love.

Beginner Reader for ages 3-8.

With so much to learn about these incredible animals, “Ezara the Elephant” is the perfect addition to any child’s animal book collection.

Larry the Frilled-Neck Lizard: (Easy Reader ages 3-8)

Shelby the Shark: Exploring the Secrets of the Great White Shark, Beginner Reader

Explore the depths of the ocean and discover Shelby the great white shark. This captivating and educational book is perfect for young adventurers ages 3 to 8.

Filled with incredible facts and vivid illustrations, “Shelby the Shark” teaches children about the appearance, behavior, and unique adaptations of these magnificent creatures. Kids will love learning about great white sharks and nature. With simple and engaging language, young readers will learn about the shark’s incredible swimming skills, sharp teeth used for catching prey, and special sense of smell that allows them to find food in the vast ocean.

Through captivating storytelling and beautiful illustrations, children will also discover the vital role that great white sharks play in maintaining the balance of marine life and the importance of preserving these awe-inspiring creatures.

Encourage young learners to ask questions and engage with the material with this fact-filled book that is an ideal addition to any home, school, or library collection.

Part of a collection of animal facts children’s book series.

Larry the Frilled-Neck Lizard: (Easy Reader ages 3-8)

Berry the Blue Whale:

Discover the Magnificent Underwater World of Blue Whales (Pre-Reader)

This exciting and educational book is designed for young readers who are curious about the magnificent world of blue whales. Join Berry, a friendly and adventurous blue whale, on an underwater journey as he shares fascinating facts about his species.

In this engaging pre-reader book, children will embark on an interactive learning experience, discovering interesting details about the largest animal on Earth. Each fact is presented in a clear and age-appropriate manner, perfect for preschoolers and early readers.

Accompanied by colorful illustrations that bring Berry’s underwater world to life, young readers will be captivated as they learn about the blue whale’s immense size, unique feeding habits, and incredible adaptations. They will marvel at Berry’s gigantic heart, be amazed by his loud underwater calls, and dive deep into the wonders of his oceanic habitat. Children will also understand the importance of conservation and the need to protect these gentle giants and their ocean home.

“Berry the Blue Whale” is an engaging introduction to the fascinating world of blue whales, encouraging a love for nature and instilling a sense of wonder about the incredible creatures that inhabit our planet’s oceans. Get ready to embark on an underwater adventure with Berry and discover the awe-inspiring facts about blue whales!

Larry the Frilled-Neck Lizard: (Easy Reader ages 3-8)

Loxi the Lop Eared Bunny: Adventures of the Mini Lop Eared Rabbit (Pre-Reader) 

Loxi the Lop Eared Bunny is a fun and educational book for young readers about the Mini Lop rabbit. This adorable breed of rabbit is perfect for families with children, as they are gentle and social creatures that love to cuddle. Mini Lops are also relatively easy to care for, making them a great choice for first-time pet owners.

This book covers everything you need to know about Mini Lop rabbits, from their history and appearance to their diet and care. You’ll also learn about some of the fun things you can do with your Mini Lop, like playing games and training them.

With colorful illustrations and simple text, Loxi the Lop-eared Bunny is the perfect book for young readers who are curious about these cuddly creatures.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn about in this book:

  • What Mini Lop Rabbits Look Like
  • What Mini Lop Rabbits eat
  • How to care for a Mini Lop Rabbit
  • Fun things you can do with your Mini Lop Rabbit

Loxi the Lop Eared Bunny is a must-have for any young reader who loves animals!

Larry the Frilled-Neck Lizard: (Easy Reader ages 3-8)
Hardcover: Dante the Flying Dragon: Soaring High Animal Facts ....
Schreiber, Jenny and Studio, Deveo
Paperback: Dante the Flying Dragon: Soaring High Animal Facts ....
Schreiber, Jenny and Studio, Deveo

Dante the Flying Dragon: Soaring High Animal Facts About the Draco Lizard, Beginner Reader

An awe-inspiring adventure with Dante the Flying Dragon! This captivating animal fact book is tailor-made for young explorers aged 4-8, introducing them to the remarkable world of the Draco flying lizard. Join Dante as he soars through the pages, unveiling fascinating facts and captivating insights about these majestic creatures.

Through vibrant illustrations and engaging details, children will be captivated by Dante’s daring aerial escapades and learn about the Draco flying lizard’s unique features, habitats, and incredible abilities. From their magnificent gliding techniques to their camouflage skills, young readers will discover the secrets that make these dragons of the sky, truly extraordinary.

Dante the Flying Dragon is an enthralling pre-reader, an educational tool that sparks curiosity and nurtures a love for nature. Perfect for young animal enthusiasts and curious minds alike, this beginner reader fact book invites children to explore the wonders of the natural world and develop a deeper appreciation for the diverse creatures that inhabit it.

So, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a thrilling journey alongside Dante the Flying Dragon. This book is sure to ignite imaginations, foster a sense of wonder, and leave young readers eager to spread their own wings of knowledge!

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