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Podcast Authorized

Podcast Authorized: Turn Your Podcast Into a Book That Builds Your Business Learn How to Build a High-Performance Podcast and Book That Can Yield Double-Digit Returns. Over 50% of the homes are podcast fans! Podcasts are poised to eclipse traditional

Books To Bucks

Books to Bucks: The Top 20 Ways to Make Money with Your Book (even if you haven’t written it yet) – Buy Now SUMMARY Everyone wants a book, and process of becoming an author is, in some ways, easier than

Life Story Starter

How to Write Your Life Story and Leave a Legacy: A Story Starter Guide & Workbook to Write your Autobiography and Memoir (Elite Story Starter 2) by Melanie Johnson (Author), Jenn Foster (Author) –Buy Now  With over 50 guided questions

Success Story Starter

How To Write Your Story of Accomplishment And Personal Success: A Story Starter Guide & Workbook to Write & Record Your Business or Personal Goals & Achievements (Elite Story Starter 1) by Melanie Johnson (Author), Jenn Foster (Author) – BUY

7 Costly Mistakes When Choosing a Publisher

7 Costly Mistakes When Choosing a Publisher: Self Publishing Secrets That Will Save You Thousands Are you confused about the differences between Self Publishing and Traditional Publishing? Avoid major publishing mistakes by reading the tips and secrets on choosing a

Famous Inspirational Quotes

Famous Inspirational Quotes: Over 100 Motivational Quotes for Life Positivity Famous Inspirational Quotes: Ideal for prepping speeches, letters or just for empowering you to live life. The Perfect Graduation, Birthday Gift, Mother’s day gift, or Father’s day gift. Over 100

The Schreiber Cookbook

The Schreiber Cookbook: Everyday and Gourmet Recipes Spanning Four Generations Family traditional recipes and favorites are meant to be shared. In this recipe book, the Schreiber Family share their favorite recipes for all to enjoy. Gather your family and make new

Stand Apart

  Stand Apart: Book Summary a term that is applied more to success than to failure – for good reason. The people who stand apart in the New Economy are not the “same old, same old.” Instead of further explaining

Children Story Starter

Children Story Starter Capture your Children’s Life Stories How to Write and Capture Your Children’s Life Stories: A Guide & Workbook to Write Your Child’s Stories, Memories & Activities of the Calendar Year, a Written Scrapbook and Guided Journal (Elite

Family Story Starter

Family Yearbook Story Starter How to Write and Capture Your Family Yearbook and Story: A Story Starter Guide & Workbook to Write Your Family’s Stories, Memories & Activities of the Calendar Year (Elite Story Starter 3) by Melanie Johnson (Author),

Toddler Story Starter

Toddler Story Starter Capture your Toddler’s Special Moments and Words How to Write your and Capture Your Toddler’s Life Stories: A Guide & Workbook to Write Your Toddler’s Stories, Memories and Special Moments, a Written … and Guided Journal (Elite

My Baby Book: A Keepsake Journal

My Baby Book: A Keepsake Journal for Baby’s First Year (It’s a Girl!) (Elite Story Starter Book 6) by Melanie Johnson (Author), Jenn Foster (Author) – BUY NOW Never Forget Those First Memories! This keepsake journal and baby book is the perfect for Mom or

Video Marketing

Video and Social Media Marketing For Professionals: The Top 10 Need to Know Facts for Increasing Local and Internet Traffic – Buy Now SUMMARY Video and Social Media marketing are a must if you own a business today. In this


Video Marketing for Veterinarians: 7 Simple Strategies to Attract New Clients – Buy Now SUMMARY This book is to help you become more knowledgeable about marketing your veterinary clinic using videos and to develop your confidence about creating videos, whether

Elite Journals

Jenn Foster, along with Melanie Johnson has published over 2700 books under the imprint Elite Journals. With a Journal you give yourself permission to write yourself into history. Elite Journals & Notebooks are designed with you in mind. These journals and notebook

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About the Author

CEO & Author Jenn Schreiber Foster Jenn is the owner of Elite Online Publishing and CEO of Biz Social Boom, companies dedicated to helping business owners of all sizes thrive in today’s highly technical world of product and service promotion....

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