Share & Sell Your Book with IngramSpark Ecommerce – How to sell more books

March 11, 2024


Jenn Foster

How to Sell More Books

I’m Jenn Foster, the owner of Elite Online Publishing, let me share my take on IngramSpark’s E-Commerce tool. I find it incredibly useful for authors like us who want to sell our books directly to our readers.

Firstly, I love the simplicity of creating purchase links in IngramSpark. Once I upload my book, I can easily generate a link that I can share anywhere – be it on my social media, website, or through email blasts to my subscribers. It’s all about making your book accessible wherever your readers are.

Setting the purchase price and sales limitations is a breeze. This feature is particularly useful for running promotions or offering exclusive discounts to my community. I have the freedom to decide how much to charge for my book, and for how long to run a special offer.

What’s great is that there are different ways to share these links. Whether it’s a standard URL, a QR code, or an embed tag for my website, IngramSpark offers the flexibility to choose the best method for my marketing strategy.

Now, let’s talk about earnings. When a book is sold through this platform, I earn the list price minus the print cost and a small print surcharge fee. It’s a straightforward way to understand my profits, and I find it generally more lucrative than selling through traditional retailers.

However, it’s not without its considerations. Each book format needs its own link and separate checkout process. Also, the service fee applies per book, not per order. It’s important to factor these in when planning your sales strategy.

Despite these considerations, I see IngramSpark’s e-commerce tool as a valuable asset for indie authors like myself. It gives us more control over our book sales and offers an alternative to those readers who prefer not to buy from large online retailers.

Remember, every tool has its place in your overall marketing and sales plan. For me, IngramSpark’s e-commerce tool is a key part of my strategy to reach more readers and increase my book sales.

For anyone interested in exploring this topic further, I recommend checking out IngramSpark’s website and resources they give you. Or contact me at ELITE ONLINE PUBLISHING

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