What is SEO?

March 7, 2017


Jenn Foster

The internet, how much does it affect your business, could you be using it better and how do you do that? Today on corporate connections.
Michelle: Hello and welcome I’m Michelle Rolley like it or not the internet is here to stay and if your business isn’t using it, It could be suffering.
Mark: I had a website for 10 years, I never got one bit of business from the website. Just someone calling and saying “hey I saw your website” and so I’ve always been really skeptical about internet marketing.
Heidi: So some of the challenges have been to get the ranking that we need in our specific industry and also the branding on a worldwide basis.
Michelle: I wanted to find out more. I talked to Jenn Foster president of Biz Social Boom. So Jenn what is SEO?
Jenn: SEO means search engine optimization. That’s how the internet finds your business online.
Michelle: Why do businesses need SEO?
Jenn: Millions of people are searching online every day for different things like organic dry cleaners in New York to diabetes treatment. And if you don’t have SEO then they are not going to be able to find your business if you are a dry cleaners. So you need SEO so that you can be found when someone is looking for you or your type of business.
Heidi: So we heavily rely on our website and our SEO to get us to the number one position.
Mark: When I met Jenn Foster she explained to me how the search engines are picking up videos and how videos are so important these days in getting a higher rank on the search engine that your videos are going to have a lot more chance of been seen than your website.
Michelle: Can anyone do SEO themselves, a business owner for example?
Jenn: The internet changes every day and I think business owners are just so busy figuring out their own business and doing what they know best, whether it’s installing floors or installing carpet or maybe it’s just plumbing. They are good at one thing and if they have to take their time away from their business to learn SEO and figure out how they are going to get found on Google, then it’s going to take away from what they do best, which is maybe installing carpet or laying down that tile.
Mark: I decided to try it and it went for a month or so and then I got a phone call. I have never gotten a phone call like this before. Someone just said, I saw you on the internet and I was completely blown away because I had never had anybody do that before. 10 years of having a website and no one ever called up and say hey I found your website.
Heidi: And I have found that the website and the social media are having much more traction than some of the ads and things that I’ve placed in publications.
Michelle: What is the biggest misconception regarding SEO?
Jenn: Because more and more companies are using SEO strategies it’s getting harder and harder to get to the top of page one on your search engine. And so I think it’s really important to have an SEO strategy and make sure that you have a strategy and not just say I’m just going to do one video and I’ll be good.
Heidi: And so our clicks have increased, our cost went down, our company has grown even through the rough times of the last few years we have still grown on a steady basis and we have worldwide exposure not just national.
Michelle: So why should people come to you for SEO?
Heidi: For my business Biz Social Boom, we imply all of the different SEO strategies. We use video marketing, local marketing, and social media marketing. We use all the different strategies so that people can find your business and we always are researching and staying on top of technology. So we know how to do that because the internet does change every day.
Mark: These videos are really helping me, I’ve gotten several calls and even close business from those calls. So I appreciate Jenn very much.
Michelle: If your business is looking for a change, whether you finally decided it’s time for a web presence or time to improve it or maybe you’d like to change your SEO company, contact Jenn Foster today at Biz Social Boom. I am Michelle Rolley for corporate connections, thanks for joining us.